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We are your Korean Connection
Buying from Korea is a hassle due to barrier and complications in communication. Suppliers sourcing and optional import processing.
We at Trade Korea can be your one stop partner to take your sourcing to new level, from raw materials to fashion items to cosmetics, we find the best suppliers at factory prices.


  • Reliability of Korean made products

    Our products are 100% Korean made so you can be assured of high quality materials and workmanship, eliminating product claims from your customers.

  • Business support

    With our extensive knowledge of hte industry and product offering, we give consultations and recomendation to help you succeed in your business


  • Order quantity-based discount rates

    Cost of shipping varies depending on the volume ordered frome factory. As such priority pricing is given to higher volume orders.

  • Full Container Load Based

    Maximum discount available

  • Preset Volume Based

    Large discount rate

  • Minimum Order Volume

    Special dealer price


  • Via Sea

    3-5 Weeks, more cost effective with longer lead time

  • Via Air

    3-5 Days, fast and efficient with added fee